IGNITE - complete vehicle system modeling

IGNITE applications

Complete vehicle system modelling

IGNITE is used for systems-level modeling of all major vehicle sub-systems.  The world class Ricardo IGNITE Powertrain Library provides complete vehicle system modeling for conventional, hybrid, electric and novel vehicle architectures from a single library. Adjustable component fidelity meets vehicle modeling requirements from concept to detailed powertrain integration.

Key features

  • Ability to model the entire vehicle using only the IGNITE libraries (including every major sub systems)
  • Ability to model virtually any vehicle architecture from the single Powertrain library
  • Application focused on systems-level vehicle simulation
  • Parametric templates accelerate the model build and allows non-sub-systems experts to build accurate models
  • Modelling the interdependent operation of each vehicle sub-systems, allowing users to identify key technologies essential for improving vehicle characteristics

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