Approved UserCon Europe presentations now available for download

07, April, 2017

Approved presentations from UserCon Europe 2017 are now available for download and can be accessed in our Publications library. The presentations below have been approved for release.

Approved Presentations:

  • Dr. Raymond Cheung, Jaguar Land Rover - Investigation of exhaust NVH structure analysis of an exhaust with a long soft decoupler - Download PDF
  • John Bucknall, BP - Global Lubricants Technology - An investigation into the contact behaviour & lubricant effects on cam wear performance using VALDYN - Download PDF
  • Niklas Albrecht, University of Braunschweig - Development and experimental investigation of a frequency selective and rotational speed adaptive motorcycle muffler - Download PDF
  • Jiri Navratil, Ricardo Software - WLTC chemical kinetics exhaust aftertreatment emissions optimization with real-time 1D high fidelity engine model during the cold start - Download PDF
  • Nick Tiney, Ricardo Software - Spray matching optimization for VECTIS fuel preparation - Download PDF
  • Ian Hogg, Siemens PLM Software - Driving product innovation through design exploration - Download PDF
  • The Volkswagen Research presentations ‘Application of real-time gas exchange simulation in an engine test bed environment’ and ‘3D CFD Detailed Spark Ignition Modelling applied to Compressed Natural Gas Engines’ are expected to become available for download in July 2017.

Approved Poster Presentations:

  • Ricardo Agent Drive: Real-world traffic simulator - Download PDF
  • Realistic real-time engine sound generation using WAVE-RT on ARM platform - Download PDF
  • VIRTUAL VEHICLE DEMONSTRATOR: Simulating Real-World Performance and Fuel Economy  - Download PDF

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