Complete vehicle performance and fuel economy modelling


IGNITE is a physics-based system simulation package focused on complete vehicle system modeling and simulation. With comprehensive powertrain and thermofluid component libraries, users can quickly and accurately model conventional to highly complex vehicle system models, hybrid-electric, full electric and novel vehicles. Faster than real-time simulation, and native design and optimization tools, provide models that can be used at all phases of the development process in order to study a range of applications including: vehicle performance, fuel economy and emissions prediction.

IGNITE has a built in design/optimization toolbox (powered by HEEDS).

Key features

  • Powertrain and Thermofluid libraries – comprehensive complete vehicle modeling from a single library
  • Built-in Design and Optimization toolbox
  • Modelica standard modeling language support
  • Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) support-
  • Co-simulation with WAVE & WAVE RT and other third party providers
  • Faster than real-time simulation 

Relevant publications