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Available RINGPAK Publications

  • Tribological Behavior of Low Viscosity Lubricants in the Piston to Bore Zone of a Modern Spark Ignition Engine ( SAE 2014-01-2859 )

  • A Lubrication and Oil Transport Model for Piston Rings Using a Navier-Stokes Equation with Surface Tension(SAE 2007-01-1053)

  • Piston Assembly Friction Losses - Comparison of Measured and Predicted Data (SAE 2006-01-0426)

  • Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Inter-Ring Gas Pressures and Blowby in Diesel Engine (SAE Paper No. 930792, 1993)

  • A Model for Evaporative Consumption of Lubricating Oil in Reciprocating Engines (SAE Paper No. 922202, 1992)

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