VALDYN - Finite Element (FE) components

VALDYN applications

Finite Element (FE) components

VALDYN has an advanced DYNAMICBODY element that allows finite element (FE) models to be connected to other modelling elements to form a fully coupled system that can be simulated directly in VALDYN. This is a powerful technique for representing complex component stiffness which would otherwise be difficult to define in a lumped-mass model.

VALDYN uses a reduced FE model which is derived from a full FE model using the Craig-Bampton method for Component Mode Synthesis (CMS). In the FE model connection, nodes are defined which can be either normal 6-DOF FE nodes or “constrained” nodes representing the average motion of a group of normal FE nodes. All FE nodes that don’t contribute to the motion of connection nodes are reduced out. Results can be back-substituted to obtain component displacement and stress that can be animated within FEARCE.

Key features

  • Simple incorporation of complex geometry
  • Can be used in linear frequency domain analysis
  • Back-substitution for displacements and stresses in FEARCE
  • Animation of results

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