VALDYN - chain and belt dynamics

VALDYN applications

Chain and belt dynamics

Chain dynamics

VALDYN can be used to model most chain types including roller and inverted tooth chains.

Belt dynamics

VALDYN can model both timing belts and auxiliary drive belts. Timing belts with non-circular pulleys can be modelled, as can “wet” belts using guides.

Creation of chain models is fast and simple with minimal data input and automated wrapping of the chain around the sprockets. Sprocket tooth, link and guide shapes can be built from lines, arcs and involutes or defined by B-splines which can be fitted to measured data.

The behavior of the chain can be viewed as an animation both in the time domain and as mode shapes in the frequency domain. Comprehensive plotted output of force, friction and power loss is available. The time variation of forces on individual components or at given points in the chain run, and spatial variation of forces around the chain run can also be plotted.

Key features

  • Simple model generation
  • Class-leading simulation speed
  • Full capability for modelling tensioner systems
  • Interaction of belt with camshaft and crankshaft
  • Span flap and system modes by perturbation at any time step
  • Automatic model simplification for linear frequency domain analysis
  • Results animation
  • Comprehensive plotted output

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