VALDYN - engine system modelling

VALDYN applications

Engine system modelling

Using its wide range of modelling elements VALDYN can be ideal for simulating complete engine systems. The ease of model construction and high simulation speed means that models can be assembled and solved quickly. Common engine components such as cam followers, hydraulic lash adjusters, cam phasers, chains, belts and gears are provided by VALDYN and other mechanisms can be assembled from over 30 basic building block elements.

Co-simulation with other Ricardo Software tools, IGNITE and WAVE, or third-party programs allows the system boundaries to be spread beyond the VALDYN model so that complex interdependencies can be examined.

Key features

  • Rapid generation of complete engine models
  • Parametric input for case-to-case variation
  • Run distribution for fast multi-case analysis
  • Co-simulation with Ricardo Software’s IGNITE and WAVE tools
  • Linear frequency domain analysis including automatic model simplification of non-linear components
  • Perturbation analysis to allow frequency domain analysis at a given instant in time

Relevant publications