VALDYN - gear dynamics

VALDYN applications

Gear dynamics

VALDYN can model gear systems at three levels of detail: from 2D involute contact, via 3D involute contact including tip relief, to full 3D using a finite element model of the tooth and tooth surface modification.


The finite element model is generated automatically by FEARCE, and results can be back-substituted to obtain tooth displacement and stress. Spur and helical gears, including internal-tooth (epicyclic) gears, can also be modelled. When used in conjunction with VALDYN’s 3D rolling element bearing and dynamic body (FE) element, realistic gearbox models can be built to study refinement issues.

Key features

  • Optional finite element tooth model
  • Interaction of gears with complete engine
  • Automatic model simplification for linear frequency domain analysis
  • Results animation
  • Comprehensive plotted output

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