VECTIS-MAX multi-domain solver

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VECTIS-MAX multi-domain solver

Building on the advantages of the existing VECTIS software, VECTIS-MAX provides fast, efficient and streamlined workflow by providing a more tightly integrated simulation experience. The integrated Ricardo Software desktop environment, R-Desk, allows full interaction during simulations, from mesh preparation, solver set-up and monitoring to solution post-processing.

VECTIS-MAX uses advanced CFD algorithms, giving faster more efficient solutions. The solver is unstructured and applicable to any type of computational mesh. Additionally the kernel can solve implicitly across several fluid and solid domains at the same time, ideal for advanced Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) applications.

The new mesh builds on the fully automated technology of the previous cut–Cartesian mesher. Clean sheet design takes advantage of the unstructured grid capability of the new solver. Advanced data storage and sorting techniques give faster meshing times, with reduced memory consumption.

Key features

  • State-of-the-art CFD solver gives faster solutions
  • Implicit fluid-solid domain solver allows efficient computation of advanced CHT applications
  • Unstructured solver allows third party meshes to be imported, for example I-Deas (.unv), CEDRE (.dat,.ngeom) and Spider (.flma)
  • Powerful set of User Programmable Routines (UPR) allows direct access into the solver kernel data, including addition of source terms
  • Integrated 1D/3D coupling to WAVE

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