VECTIS - automated meshing

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Automated meshing

VECTIS offers a class leading fully automatic hexahedral mesh generator that has been designed to create complex meshes for vehicle and engine applications. As a result, this provides rapid turnaround times for mesh generation for simulations ranging from coolant jackets and moving boundary in-cylinder calculations to complete engine bays for vehicle thermal management simulations.

Geometry repair can be quickly and easily carried out and Boolean operations can be performed for the automatic joining, subtracting and intersecting of different geometries.

The mesh generator supports either single CPU use or multi CPU use and can be used on UNIX/LINUX systems as well as on Windows 32/64 bit and Windows Compute Cluster operating systems.

Key features

  • Import STL geometry from CAD
  • Tools for geometry repair and modification
  • Boolean and geometry wrapper operations 
  • Fully automated rapid mesh generation

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