VECTIS - engine thermal analysis

VECTIS applications

Engine thermal analysis

With its integrated automatic meshing capability VECTIS can be used to quickly analyze coolant jackets to ensure effective cooling in critical areas while optimizing head gasket designs and transfer passages. When analyzing Conjugate Heat Transfer VECTIS offers intelligent cooling system development allowing engineers to easily model fluid and solid components, needed for analyzing fluid flow, thermal distribution, and boundary heat transfer.

Key features

  • Automatic meshing capability
  • Boiling model allows for prediction of boiling and resulting heat transfer effects
  • Direct export of CFD results for use in FE structural analyses using FEARCE
  • User function capability allows set up of detailed external boundary conditions
  • Integrated radiation solver
  • Transient thermal capability of radiation solver for efficient simulation of heatshields
  • Integration with WAVE for complete manifold thermal simulation

Relevant publications