Fast powertrain-focused multi-body dynamics


VALDYN is a multi-body dynamic and kinematic simulation package specifically developed for valvetrain and drive-system analysis and cam and spring pack design. With its detailed “building block” models of engine components, it is significantly quicker to build models with VALDYN than with general purpose dynamics tools; and quicker to run because model refinement is focused on the critical aspects related to engines.

Key features

  • “Building block” structure allows modelling of virtually any valvetrain, from individual valvelines to complete systems incorporating crankshaft and camshafts
  • Modelling of drive systems, including gears, belts and chains
  • Data input using expressions involving case-varying parameters
  • Frequency domain solver including forced-damped solution of linear models
  • Dynamic and kinematic analysis of valvetrains
  • Modelling of variable valve actuation (VVA) and variable valve timing (VVT) mechanisms
  • Animated output in the time and frequency domains
  • Automatic plotting of results
  • 3D frequency response plots
  • Plotting of mathematical expressions involving several outputs
  • Run distribution using network computing resources to speed up multi-case simulations
  • Links to ENGDYN and FEARCE for engine structural analysis
  • Co-simulation with other Ricardo and third-party programmes, such as Simulink

Relevant publications