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WAVE-RT is the industry's leading real-time engine simulation tool. Developed for the testing of engine management systems, WAVE-RT offers a combination of mathematical modelling and highly optimized code, allowing it run on SiL and HiL environments, rapid prototype control units (rCube2), and mini computers equipped with ARM processors. WAVE-RT accurately predicts engine behaviour in real-time (crank-angle resolved) and space (air paths and individual cylinders) - a significant advancement over traditional approaches.

Key features

  • Full 1-D crank-angle based real-time gas thermodynamic code
  • 3-4 times faster than real-time
    • No geometry simplification needed
    • Not limited by number of elements or cylinders
  • In-cycle modelling of individual cylinders
  • Global transient structure conduction
    • Cold starts and engine stop-start cool downs
  • Dynamic wave effects along air paths
    • No tuning required to compensate for wave effects
  • Diesel, gasoline, gas, genset and flow bench operation
  • Standard turbomachinery
    • Fixed geometry compressors
    • Fixed and variable geometry turbines
  • Semi-productive multi-wieve combustion
  • Predictive injection driven diesel combustion
  • Real-time SI knocking model
  • Automatically configured real-time engine model exported from a full WAVE model using WaveBuild
    • Exported C code is ANSI-standard, MISRA-compliant
    • Enables coordinated development between analysis and controls engineers
  • Raspberry-PI-(3).pngReal-time operation on off-the-shelf hardware
    • Supported on multiple common HiL platforms
    • Mini computers (Raspberry PI) with ARM processor
  • FMU export
  • Matlab/Simulink S-Function




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