WAVE - acoustics and noise

WAVE applications

Acoustics and noise

WAVE is used extensively by manufacturers all over the world for the acoustic prediction of intake and exhaust noise. Whether developing a more cost effective exhaust system or creating a tailored exhaust sound, WAVE has unmatched capability for acoustic modelling.

WAVE allows the simulation of static and pass-by noise tests, the location of intake and exhaust resonances and, most importantly, the simultaneous prediction of both engine performance and sound pressure level.

Key features

  • Prediction of radiated intake and exhaust noise with source interaction and flow noise effects fully captured
  • Moving sources and/or microphones with accurate Doppler shift
  • Add custom noise transfer functions to predict interior noise
  • Full control over data acquisition and signal processing settings
  • All common acoustic plots available: 
    • Colourmaps, waterfall, order tracking, various 2D SPL plots
    • Frequency resolution/range user-defined to closely resemble plots from lab analysis systems     
    • Order/frequency cursors aid identification of problems
  • Generates audio files for sound quality assessment with flow noise and Doppler effects
  • Frequency network view of system pressure nodes and antinodes
  • Cross plotting of results from different models
  • Linear acoustics solver for quick transmission loss predictions within full engine models
  • WaveBuild3D 
    • Creation and fully automatic meshing of intake and exhaust system components using a user friendly 3D solid modeler
    • Library of primitive volumes, planar and duct elements
    • Direct import of shell geometry from all leading CAD packages
    • Skinning Tool allowing difficult geometry to be imported from CAD or STL by working with cross sections
    • Embedded linear acoustic transmission loss solution

  • WaveMesher 
    • Import and repair of STL geometry 
    • Model meshing using a range of easy to use discretisation tool
    • Embedded linear acoustic transmission loss solution

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