WAVE - real-time analysis

WAVE applications

Real-time analysis

WAVE-RT provides real-time, crank-angle resolved engine models for testing new engine management systems for both SiL and HiL analysis and rapid prototype control units (http://www.ricardo.com/rCube2) and mini computers equipped with ARM processor e.g. Raspberry PI (www.raspberrypi.org). It allows the design of advanced performance and emission control, emission and CO2 reduction, virtual sensors and OBD improvements.


Key features

  • Full 1-D crank-angle based real-time gas thermodynamic code
  • Aiming 3-4 times faster run than real-time
    • No Geometry Simplification needed
    • Not limited by number of elements
    • Not limited by number of cylinders
  • In-cycle modelling of individual cylinders
  • Global transient structure conduction
    • Cold starts and engine stop-start cool downs
  • Dynamic wave effects along air paths
    • No tuning required to compensate for wave effects
  • Diesel, Gaoline, Gas, Genset and flow bench operation
  • Standard Turbomachinery
    • Fixed geometry compressors
    • Fixed and variable geometry turbines
  • Semi-predictive Multi-Wiebe combustion
  • Predicitive injection driven diesel combustion
  • Real-time SI knocking model
  • Ability to include user code allows modelling of things like Injection Driven Combustion
  • Automatically configured real-time engine model exported from a full WAVE model using WaveBuild
    • Exported C code is ANSI-standard, MISRA-compliant
    • Enables coordinated development between analysis and controls engineers
  • Real-Time operation on off-the-shelf hardware
    • Supported on multiple common HiL platforms
    • Mini computers (Raspberry PI) with ARM processor support
  • FMU export

Eliminating physical sensors

Reducing smoke and CO2 emissions

Matlab Simulink S-Function 

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